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DC Service of Process Agent for FCC Compliance

If you provide telecommunications service ANYWHERE in the United States, you are legally required to file form FCC 499-A each year.

One of the filing requirements is to have and maintain a registered agent (also called a service of process agent) in the District of Columbia—and that’s where we can help. At Washington DC Registered Agent LLC, we can help you with FCC compliance by providing expert DC registered agent service for just $49 a year.


Understanding the FCC 499-A


What is FCC 499-A?

FCC 499-A is a form that all telecommunications providers must submit to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) each year. The purpose of the form is to report the business’s revenue for the prior calendar year. The FCC uses this data for calculating and assessing regulatory fees and contributions for funds (such as the Universal Service Fund) per the Communications Act of 1934.


What kinds of businesses are considered telecommunications providers?

Telecommunications service providers (TSPs) include but aren’t limited to:

  • Local telephone companies
  • Long distance telephone companies
  • Mobile wireless communication carriers
  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) providers

This includes intrastate, interstate and international providers.


Are any providers exempt from filing form 499-A?

The following entities are typically exempt from filing FCC form 499-A:

  • Schools and libraries
  • Broadcasters
  • Government agencies
  • System integrators receiving less than 5% of their revenues from reselling telecommunications



How do I file FCC 499-A?

You can file online using the Universal Service Administrative Company portal, or you can download a paper FCC 499-A form. This form is due April 1st each year.


FCC DC Registered Agent Requirement


My business isn’t organized or registered in DC. Why do I need a registered agent there?

The FCC is located in Washington DC. On the FCC 499-A, the FCC requires providers to include the name, address and phone number of their DC registered agent in case of service of process.


I already have a registered agent in another state. Do I still need a DC registered agent?

Yes. Even if you have a registered agent in another state, the FCC mandates that telecommunications providers have a DC registered agent.


How do I get a DC registered agent?

At Washington DC Registered Agent LLC, we can be your DC registered agent for only $49 a year. Sign up and get instant access to your secure client account, where you can manage your documents. We scan and upload documents to your online account so you can have them immediately. We also provide pre-populated forms and filing information for various DC agencies. FCC compliance has never been easier! Sign up today!