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Registered Agent Service In The District Of Columbia

In Washington DC, if you’re incorporating your company, forming an LLC, registering an out-of-state entity, or complying with licensing requirements, you are required to have a Washington DC registered agent.

Washington DC Registered Agent LLC is a registered agent service in the District of Columbia that helps out-of-state businesses register to do business in DC and helps keep local DC businesses in good standing with the Washington DC Department of Licensing & Consumer Protection (DLCP).

What if I need a resident agent to get Operating Authority from the Department of For-Hire Vehicles?

Washington DC Registered Agent LLC offers the most reliable DC resident agent service at the most affordable price. We work with taxicab, limousine, and independent for-hire owners operating in the District of Columbia to provide fast, simple, resident agent service for service of legal process to comply with operating authority regulations.

What if I rent out an apartment in Washington DC?

Washington Registered Agent provides registered agent service and foreign entity registration services for landlords renting out property in DC but operating outside of the District.

What if I have an out-of-state corporation or LLC that needs to do business in Washington DC?

Foreign LLCs and corporations in the District of Columbia have a $220 state filing fee and require a DC registered agent. When you file a Certificate of Authority in the District of Columbia, you are required to obtain an original Certificate of Good Standing from the state your business entity is registered in.

What is included in registered agent service from Washington DC Registered Agent LLC?

    • Annual Report Reminders

      When you hire us to help with your business needs, we send you timely reminders to file annual reports and you can always track your due dates for all of your businesses in your safe and secure client account.

    • Instant Online Presence

      Your business needs its own phone number, email, and website. We offer all of these at no upfront cost. Hire us, and you’ll get your own business domain and an email address at that domain, a website for your business that you control on an open-source platform, SSL service for website security, and a direct business line to a local phone number you can use with an internet connection.

    • We’re Quick & Efficient

      One of the things your registered agent is required to provide is a signature. If you sign up for registered agent service with us, we will send you all the necessary forms for your filing pre-signed so that you can submit your forms without waiting on us.

      In the District of Columbia, the Corporation Commission does not require the signatures on LLC formation documents to be originals. However, the signatures on incorporation documents are required to be original signatures. If you are incorporating, we will mail you the signed registered agent consent document to you the same day you sign up for corporation for service.

    • Straightforward & Genuine Service

      Here at Washington DC Registered Agent LLC, we would love to have your business and offer our services on your business journey. We know how hard navigating the intricate red tape of Washington DC can be and we’re here to help make life a little easier for you. All of our prices are straightforward and easy to understand.

Start Your Business Journey Today

Here at Washington DC Registered Agent LLC, we’re here to help you form your LLC, incorporating your company, or help you navigate DC’s notoriously confusing licensing regulations. If there’s anything else you have questions about, we have live representatives ready to answer your questions.