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by Washington DC Registered Agent LLC


What is a Washington DC Certificate of Occupancy and do I need one?

A Washington DC Certificate of Occupancy certifies that any building or structure in the District of Columbia is compliant with DC code. Any individual or entity that is using a building or structure in DC is required to have a Certificate of Occupancy. This rule does not apply to homeowners.


How to I apply for a Washington DC Certificate of Occupancy?

To obtain your Washington DC Certificate of Occupancy, you must complete and submit the Certificate of Occupancy Application to the Department of Buildings. Any applications that are mailed will be returned.

You are required to provide information about the property, the applicant, and the proposed use of the property on this application.

The fee affiliated with this application is based on the square footage of the building or structure and will be calculated when you submit the application in person. You can book an appointment with the DLCP Permit Center by visiting the DLCP Online Appointments website.


Do I need a registered agent to complete the Certificate of Occupancy Application?

A registered agent is NOT required to complete the application.


What happens after I submit my application?

Once your submit your application and it is approved by the Permit Center, your business will be issued a Certificate of Occupancy number. This number is required to obtain any business license if your business is located in Washington DC.