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Licensing for DC Plumbers

Washington DC Plumbing License Application and Requirements

What are the steps Washington DC plumbing contractors must take before doing business?

  • If your contracting business is a foreign or domestic corporation, LLC, or partnership the first thing you need to do is register the business with the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, Corporations Division.
  • Apply for the necessary DC plumbing license or gasfitter license and contractor license from the DC Board of Industrial Trades (licensed DC plumbers don’t need a DC basic business license from the DCRA).

You need to get a Washington DC plumbing contractor license to work in DC. You have to be properly licensed in DC even if you are there temporarily, if you are licensed in another state, or if you are working as a subcontractor.

Do you need to register your business with the Corporations Division of the DCRA?

A Washington DC plumbing contractor can be a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, or corporation.

Sole proprietors are not required to register their businesses with the DCRA.

Foreign or domestic corporations, LLCs, and partnerships need to register with the Corporations Division before they do business in DC.

How do you register your Washington DC plumbing contractor business with the DCRA?

Domestic DC corporations file Articles of Incorporation with the Corporations Division. Domestic DC LLCs file Articles of Organization to register with the Corporations Division.

Corporations and LLCs that are already registered in another state can file a Foreign Registration Statement with the DCRA Corporations Division.

Does a DC licensed plumber or gasfitter need to get a basic business license from the District of Columbia Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA)?

No. DC plumbers and/or gasfitters must be licensed by the Board of Industrial Trades. Since they have the trade Washington DC plumbing license, they do not need to get a basic business license from the DCRA Business License Division.

How do you get a Washington DC plumbing license or gasfitter license from the District of Columbia Board of Industrial Trades?

The DC Plumbing License Application is available on the Pearson VUE Board of Industrial Trades website (see link below). It can be filled out online. Then you just print the completed application, sign it, have it notarized, and submit it with the necessary documentation. The application is the same regardless of the type of plumber or gasfitter license you want to apply for. There is a really helpful guide on the application to help you determine what additional documents you need to include.

Mail the completed notarized Washington DC plumbing license application and all other documents and fees to Pearson VUE at:

Department DC – PL
Metro-Plex I, Suite 250
8401 Corporate Drive
Landover, MD 20785

Include one check for all of your application, license and exam fees. Your check should be payable to Pearson VUE.

How much does the Washington DC plumbing license and gasfitters license cost?

All Washington DC plumbing applicants have to pay a $65 application fee. All applicants must also pay a license fee that varies depending on the license. Master and Journeyman applicants also have to pay the $85 exam fee.

What happens after you submit your DC plumbing license or DC gasfitter license application?

Once your application is approved, the Board of Industrial Trades will:

  • Issue your apprenticeship/contractor license; OR
  • If you are applying for a journeyman or master license, allow you to sit for the DC Plumber or Gasfitter Exam.

Are there any requirements that ALL Washington DC plumbing applicants must meet to get a DC plumbing license?

All applicants must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Must not have been convicted of a crime or moral turpitude which bears on their fitness to be licensed
  • Submit a completed, notarized application and documentation

All applicants except contractors must submit:

  • Two 2″ x 2″ passport type photos of the applicants face.
  • Notarized employment verification letters on company letterhead.
  • Certificate of Moral Character completed by three people who are not related to the applicant.
  • If you have been licensed in another state send the Verification of Licensure form to that state’s industrial trades board so that it can be completed and sent to Pearson VUE.

Other requirements (education/experience) really depend on the type of license so read the application and instructions carefully.

Do you have to pass a test to become a plumber or gasfitter in the District of Columbia?

You do have to pass the DC exam to become a master or journeyman plumber/gasfitter. So make sure to include the exam scheduling and exam fee with your application.

Do you need to submit a Stock Certificate to get a Washington DC plumbing license from the DC Board of Industrial Trades?

If you are applying for a Washington DC plumbing contractor license, you must submit a list of the business’s stockholders. You are also required to:

  • Include a Stock Certificate showing that the designated master owns at least twenty percent of the outstanding shares; OR
  • Show that the applicant is a member of the company

How does a DC corporation, DC LLC, or DC partnership get the certified copy and letter of good standing from the DCRA Corporations Division?

Domestic and foreign corporate entities need to show that they are registered and in good standing with the DCRA Corporations Division. Just complete and submit an Application for Certificate of Good Standing and Certified Copy to request the proof of registration. Make sure you request a “Good Standing Certificate” and a “Certified Copy” (this is a true copy of your articles of incorporation, certificate of authority, etc).

Send the application to:

Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs
Corporations Division
PO Box 92300
Washington, DC 20090
Phone: (202) 442-4432

Submit the certificate and certified copy with your Washington DC plumbing contractor license application.

Do DC plumbers need to have a DC registered agent?

Corporations, LLCs, and partnerships need to list a DC registered agent when they register their business entity with the DCRA.

Plumbing and/or gasfitting contractors who do business in DC, but don’t have a home address there, need to submit a Local Representative Affidavit with their Washington DC plumbing license application. Our clients get the signed Local Representative Affidavit in their online account immediately.

Does the Washington DC plumbing and gasfitting license expire? How do you renew a DC plumbing/gasfitting license?

Washington DC plumbing and gasfitting licenses expire on March 31 of even numbered years. Your new license will be valid only until the next March 31st of an even numbered year. So if you get a license in January of 2012, it will expire on March 31, 2012.

You can renew the individual or company license online (see link below) and pay the fee by Visa, MasterCard, American express or Discover. You need to submit an original bond to renew a contractor or designated master license but that can’t be done online, you have to send it in.

Send bond documentation to:

Pearson VUE
Attn: Board of Industrial Trades
8401 Corporate Drive
Suite 250
Landover, MD 20785

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