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Credit Card Processing

Getting a great deal on credit card processing comes down to finding the right company to sign you up with a payment processor. We’re that company.

We work with multiple payment processors to get the best deals available for our clients. That means we can shop for the processor that best meets your company’s needs, negotiate low rates, and secure fair contract terms on your behalf.

Our Service Includes:

  • A FREE in-house phone consultation
  • Guidance from processing experts
  • Transparent interchange+ pricing
  • Custom low rates & a FREE quote
  • All major card brands accepted
  • Multiple payment options
  • Statement auditing by request
  • Ongoing customer support

It all starts with a complimentary in-house phone consultation—available for FREE to all new and existing clients of Washington DC Registered Agent LLC.

Here’s how to get your free credit card processing consultation:

  • If you’re already a client, sign up for your consultation using your secure client login.
  • For new clients, simply select the “Free Credit Card Processing Consultation” option on the order form when you hire us to form your business or to serve as your DC registered agent.

We’ll then reach out to you by email within a few business days and tell you when to expect a call. It’s that easy.


Why We Can Help Your Business Save

We created this credit card processing service for no other reason than to help our clients accept card payments and save money in the process.

Here’s why signing up through us can keep your rates low:

  • Unlike most agents, credit card processing isn’t our main source of revenue.
    We’ve already got a healthy revenue stream from our Washington DC registered agent, LLC formation, and incorporation services. So when we created this credit card processing service, the primary goal wasn’t to make more money. The goal was to help our clients save money and continue to thrive year after year.
  • We offer transparent interchange-plus pricing.
    We offer an interchange-plus pricing plan because it’s typically more cost-effective than flat-rate and tiered pricing plans. Plus, interchange-plus pricing is more transparent, allowing you to see your processing costs and identify your fees on your merchant statements. This means you’ll not only get savings but you’ll have an easier time spotting any changes from one statement to the next.
  • We work with—not for—payment processors.
    We’re not tied to any one processor, so when we design a rates package for you, we can shop it around until we find the right processor for your business. That means we never have to compromise—we will get you the rates you deserve.

How Our CC Processing Service Works

We start off with a free in-house phone consultation to learn about your business’s needs, but there’s far more to our service than that.

Here’s a breakdown of what our service looks like from start to finish:

  1. We review your business’s particulars.
    Getting you an accurate rates package is as important as getting you a low rate. That’s why we make your free phone consultation count by reviewing your business’s payment processing needs thoroughly, including your current and projected sales volume, your business type, and the types of transactions you’re looking to accept beyond credit card processing.
  2. We send you a customized free quote.
    Once we’re off the phone with you, we get to work on our end tailoring a rates package for your business. You’ll see your free quote in your secure client account. Accept and we can get the ball rolling on your application. If you’re not satisfied with the quote, we can discuss other options.
  3. We guide you through completing your application.
    Next up is completing and submitting the application. We’ll walk you through the process, making sure everything lines up with the rates and terms we discussed.
  4. The processor’s underwriters will ask for more details.
    This is where we bow out since the processor’s underwriting department will want to get into the specifics about your company’s current financial situation, credit history, and other details that aren’t any of our business. If your application is approved, awesome! If not, we can regroup and discuss your options.

Our services don’t end at getting you a great deal at superb low rates, though. We provide ongoing customer support, ready to monitor your account at your request and keep your processor honest year after year.


Credit Card Processing FAQs

Below, you’ll find answers to some frequently asked questions about credit card processing and our service.

What is credit card processing?

Credit card processing (also known as “payment processing”) is a service that allows merchants to accept card payments.

Provided by payment processors, credit card processing can include accepting credit card payments, debit card payments, EBT payments, eChecks, or more depending on your company’s needs.

What is a payment processor?

Payment processors are companies that handle the technical side of payment processing for merchants. Payment processors provide businesses with access to a merchant account for processing payments and communicate card information and transaction information to credit card networks and customers’ banks.

However, most payment processors work through third-party sales agents to sign up merchants, and those agents are the ones who determine the processor’s markups and the fees you’ll pay for any additional services you sign up for. That’s why saving money on credit card processing really comes down to choosing the right person (or business) to sign you up. That’s us.

Will you be my payment processor?

No. We work with payment processors to locate and sign up merchants. That means we can negotiate your contract terms, set your rates, and provide ongoing customer support after that. Think of us as your guide and voice through all of your dealings with the card payment industry.

Is my phone consultation really free?

You bet. We won’t charge you a thing for talking with us about your payment processing needs. Even the quote is free.

How will you determine my rates and fees?

During your free phone consultation, we’ll discuss details such as your business type, your average monthly sales, your average ticket, and the methods you’ll need for accepting payments (in-person, mobile, and/or online). Based on this information, we’ll find the payment processor that works best for your business and work up a rates package focused on keeping your costs low.

Will I pay you or the payment processor?

You’ll pay the payment processor directly, not us. The processor handles our compensation for managing your account, so you’ll only pay us for services you’ve signed up for that aren’t related to credit card processing (such as our registered agent service).

Why did you create this service?

For years, we watched our clients struggle with high processing costs and bad contracts, and there wasn’t anything we could do about it. We were simply their registered agent, after all.

Eventually, though, we got fed up with the card payment industry and researched ways that we could get involved in negotiating better contracts and lower rates for our clients.

This led to setting up business relationships with processors that allowed us to help our clients get the services they need at rates they can afford.

That’s really all there is to it.